Tasty Tuesday – Minestrone 3 ww points


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday at The Little Brown House! The day that is partially to blame

for my return to Weight Watchers! (I also hold Pioneer Woman responsible)

But obviously I am not to blame in any way – obviously..

I received a comment from a reader on my Tasty Tuesday Crescent Rolls post.

She was asking about the Minestrone soup I had pictured with them,

and I realized I hadn’t shared that yet. So that is what I am featuring today.

It isn’t a true minestrone as I have included meat, but you could just as easily

leave that out. My husband has a hard time looking at soup as meal, so I

usually make sure I include meat with mine!

Here is the starting line up of ingredients:

I usually use about 2 cups beef broth – canned, cubes, or a mixture of both.

I consider beef and chicken bouillon to be a must have in my pantry. They are the

foundation for so many good things!

I start out with a large pot and fill it with the broth.

Then I chop up whatever vegetables I have on hand.

Usually carrots, celery, and cukes or zucchini.

The chopped veggies go into the boiling broth to cook. Turn the heat on simmer

and just let them be for about 20 minutes. After they are cooked,

add two cans of stewed tomatoes to mixture.

Brown your ground beef over medium heat:

Drain and add to the broth/vegetable mixture. Put in 1 or two

cans of kidney beans at this point if you want – they add extra protein!

This next step is my own personal preference. I add the pasta last, so that it doesn’t

end up overcooked or soggy.

And I am not too picky – I will use whatever shape of pasta I have in the cupboard!

I put about 1 1/2 cups dry pasta in to the soup, then just let it

simmer for 30 minutes or so, stirring occasionally.

This give you plenty of time to whip up some crescent rolls to go with the soup!

Click the link below for my recipe:

Easy Crescent Rolls

This is one of those soups that gets better with time – so be sure to save enough

for leftovers. I like to fill up a couple of freezer containers with it

and bring it out at a later time for a weekend lunch.

I ran this recipe in my Weight Watchers online recipe builder and it works out to

about 3 points per serving. That is for a full cup, and if you leave out the beans

or the meat it would probably only be just over 1 point. Not bad!

Now the rolls and butter, on the other hand…. well lets just say I need to work on those!

Hope you enjoy the soup! Let me know if you like it! (you could even tell me if you don’t…)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have some trash to treasure posts coming up soon,

and then there is always my ongoing bathroom remodel… never a dull moment

here at The Little Brown House!! Check out these parties I am linking up to!

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  1. SnoWhite
    7 years ago

    this looks soooo good! I bet it’s delicious with your crescent rolls :)

  2. Jasey @ Crazy Daisy
    7 years ago

    Back with another WW recipe! Good for you! As we have discussed, while our blogs are great fun, our blogging bottoms are not :)! While you are posting healthy recipes, I however, have been working on perfecting my oatmeal raisin cookies….. Hmmmm, maybe I should follow your lead! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Tastes! Even though this is healthy, is sure looks good! Yummy!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  3. The Lumberjack's Wife
    7 years ago

    Looks yummy! I love WW recipes and I love soup. My husband is not a huge fan, but maybe I should make some for lunch so I can lose some of my tummy chubs! :)

  4. Cindy Conner
    7 years ago

    Ooh this looks so good! My youngest daughter loves minestrone soup. Be sure Sharyl to check out my awards…you have one too! Be blessed. Cindy

  5. JessieLeigh
    7 years ago

    Yum! I love a good soup! I, too, have a hubby who would be looking for the meat. 😉 This looks delicious alongside that pretty roll!

  6. Laura Ingalls Gunn
    7 years ago

    Oh yum! Oh what a great DIY project. You are one clever and crafty girl.

    I just finished a project that took 23 years to complete.
    Come take a peek.

  7. the country cook
    7 years ago

    Oh my word, your plating is beautiful! I just love your dishes, etc.! I also love the look of the food, of course, but I first started drooling over the beauty of the elements in your photo…I’m envious of your kitchenware! :-)

    Good luck on weight watchers – it’s a terrific program! I’m a huge fan of making comfort food lighter. – http://www.delightfulcountrycookin.com

  8. Sara
    7 years ago

    YUMM-O!!!! Great pics & tutorial too!

  9. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy
    7 years ago

    The soup looks great! Somehow I didn’t think the rolls were low calorie!

  10. Brenda
    7 years ago

    That minestrone looks delicious. And since I am on WW I can make it and enjoy it liberally! I might just make it this week.

  11. Jasey @ Crazy Daisy
    7 years ago

    Still loving the soup – and your dedication (my cookies are posted :))! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Tastes! Polls just opened for the People’s Choice Award! Stop by and and vote when you get a chance -just click on your fav recipe!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy