10 Things kids do but adults shouldn't…


Welcome to Friday at The Little Brown House! The day I always

bring you a frugal project I have been working on…. always……

The day I show you that amazing craft that you will want to run right out and buy the materials to make one yourself… That’s right, I never miss a Friday..till now..

I have no DIY project for you this week..  (wringing hands)

I have failed you my dear readers. (begging forgiveness)

I have several in process, but no finished projects. So I decided to do a top 10 post-

because so many of you have been begging for one.

Ok, not one person has asked – but I am doing it anyway!

I am going to show you some things most of us did as children,

but shouldn’t continue to do as adults. I will be using pictures

of my adorable grandkids to illustrate these  because

I know we have short attention spans we all like pictures!

So lets go! – These are in no certain order..

Number 1:

Drink Sharing

Don’t offer to share your drink with a non-family member.

It isn’t a normal thing that grown-ups do. Although it is

commendable that you want to be generous, the fact is your

drink is full of germs that no one else really wants.

And for the record, this is not one of my grandchildren. I was

a complete stranger to this germ ridden child..

Number 2


Although it may be found perfectly natural in a child,

an adult really shouldn’t randomly stand on their head in public.

There are many reasons for this.. I really can’t go into them all just now.

Of course if you are an Olympic gymnast, or a member of

the Chinese Circus, this may seem very in character for you.

Although I would advise against doing it in a dress.

Number 3


Unless you work at a theme park or Chuck-e-Cheese, you really

shouldn’t wear a big furry animal costume as an adult. I am always

extremely suspicious of adults in costumes anyway, but when it

is a furry animal, it just seems wrong. And weird…

Plus, it would make it very hard to get a date. Look at what

a hard time my grandson is having looking cool while he is

sporting the Clifford look.

He is trying to act all suave around this hot babe, but she won’t

even give him the time of day with that extra head he has on his shoulders.

Poor kid –

Number 4


It is so cute when a child starts loosing their teeth. Mainly because

we know there are more coming in. Not so with adults.

We have all seen adults with missing teeth, I myself am missing

some. But there comes a time when dentures should be checked into.

You know I’m right… and besides, maybe if we put our dentures

under our pillow at night when we go to bed we will find a shiny

new quarter there in the morning!

Number 5

Inanimate Friends

Most children have dolls or stuffed animals that they love

and carry around and talk to.. Amazingly, this habit is frowned

on in an adult. Although I will say I have been guilty of talking to

my car and my computer, I don’t share my deepest secrets with

them or accuse them of being the one who left the milk out.

See what I’m saying here? It really is hard to connect with someone

who has imaginary friends.. keep them to yourselves..

Number 6

Potty etiquette

As an adult, there is no need to let anyone know you have to

go “Pee Pee”. It is perfectly fine to just leave the room and go.

To the bathroom I mean, lest you get the wrong idea.

In the same manner, there is also no need to yell “I’m all done” at the end..

Applause no longer happens for that action after the age of four,

nor should you expect an M & M.

Number 7

Falling asleep

Children, as we all know, can fall asleep anywhere.

Adults should try to avoid that at all costs. Although I have

heard it is a trait that returns as you get older.

We should especially avoid falling asleep in the car..especially

when driving. Children can get away with that because they rarely drive.

Their legs are just to short to reach those dang pedals.

On another note, adults should also not turn around while they

are driving and take a picture of the child in the back seat….

Number 8


Kids love to jump. They can jump all day long!

They can even jump and hula hoop! They can jump and never

wear out, get dizzy, or have to change their underwear.

Adults, on the other hand, adult women in particular,

may find some things that should cause them to stay

away from these devices. Gravity is a big factor here

Things that are already falling do not need the extra incentive.

I pray you understand and heed my warning…

Number 9

Wearing your food

Kool-Aid grins are for kids. No one wants to look at a big guy

with a milk mustache. And I would like to point out the my

grandaughter is also wearing a furry animal costume. A combination

of the two and would definitely be an adult faux pas….

Once again – adorable on child, ridiculous on adult..

although you may be able to get away with the T-shirt.

Number 10


Choose wisely – that is all I am going to say….

And although I have given you the promised 10, I am going to throw in one more

and it is a very important one.

Adults should never play the game “Funeral”

Trust me on this one.

As PW would say – goodbye forever….

Good, True & Beautiful

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  1. The Lumberjack's Wife
    7 years ago

    Ha! Playing funeral! :)

  2. Jessy
    7 years ago

    Those are some pretty cute grandkids you have 😉

  3. Jess
    7 years ago

    I still actually announce when I need to use the bathroom. Otherwise there will be a kids yelling “where are you Mom?” within seconds. But even when the kids aren’t here, I still tell my husband and he just says thanks for telling me. LOL

    Totally agree with everything else though.

  4. Kat
    7 years ago

    As a 20 yr old, I find 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 perfectly acceptable.:)