Diy rings + the secret life of a crafting blogger..



This Diy ring tutorial is combined with a bloggers confessional-

You don’t get one without the other, because I am trying to be real and transparent.

Consider    yourself    warned..

It’s Wednesday night. There is nothing good on TV because all the shows

have had their finale’s. And don’t even get me started on Lost..

So I am watching America’s Got Talent.. because there is nothing else on.

Then I feel it coming.. it is creeping in under the door, wrapping itself around my

feet. Crawling up the chair until it binds up my throat.

I know what it is. It shows up every week.

Friday’s Coming….

And I need a Diy craft project for my Friday post…

Why, you may ask? Because that’s just what I do.

Since January when I started this blog, I have done one every Friday.

Rain or Snow, Hail or Stomach Flu… cause that’s what I do.

This week I had nothing.. and I was lazy.. and it was raining..

And I’m pretty sure the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter

aligned with Mars.

Then I remembered a blog post I had bookmarked.

The Creative Crate – DIY Rings

She made some really cute rings with buttons, and I had purchased the supplies

awhile back and hadn’t made them yet. Ok.. the truth is I tried to make one and

I used the wrong kind of glue and it was horrendous.. so you didn’t get to see it!

I bought some ring backs through e-bay. It was around $3 for the bag.

The buttons and glue were from Walmart. Here is another confession.

The first time I looked at her tutorial again was just now when I linked

it to this post. I did not go back and read how to do it or what glue to use.

Because I. hate. to. follow. directions… Don’t be like me..

The funny thing is I used the same glue and even the same button as she did!

So – to begin the project, I use my pliers to get the back piece off of the

button so I would have a flat surface to glue.

See how you can still see parts sticking out of the back? Yeah that’s not good.

So I go show it to my husband to see if he can break them off. He wasn’t

too busy at the time so I am sure he didn’t mind the interuption..

He looked at the button and told me I would have to sand it.

Umm, did I mention I was lazy? I was at a crazy crossroad

between being lazy, and also being anxious to get my project done.

Do any of you guys get that? But seriously – Friday was coming..

So I got out the sandpaper.. grumbling the whole time.

I quite honestly tried to sand the button without taking the paper

out of the package… just keeping it real here folks. I finally

relented and took it out. It actually didn’t take long at all

and I didn’t even break a sweat..

Now it was gluing time – my favorite part. I had purchased this glue

from Walmart and it sounded like it would work for this project.

I had never used it before, and was a little fearful about the name.


That sounds like what they call something when it is still in the approval

process – not the final name. Or what they call the latest bomb or biological

weapon. Something Jack Bauer would use…But then maybe I watch to much TV.

It said it was amazing, and I so wanted to believe..

On the front it said “See other cautions on back panel”

I thought it might be prudent to at least give it a look so I turned it around.

I can only assume their target audience is 8 year olds, since

no one with a double digit age could possibly read that print.

The only words I could make out were “warning” and “California”

I was very afraid.

But, I went ahead and opened the glue and spread some on the ring back.

Then I placed the button upside down on top of the glue, pressing both pieces  together

Then, the whole thing turned into a purple rhinoceros that flew around the room

and out the window ………

The glue was very, very, strong…

I had nothing to clamp it together with, so I just left the little guys to dry on their own.

I could almost hear them say – “I thought we were destined for greatness, and

here we are on our backs with a button stuck to us.. oh the shame…”

The     glue    was    very    strong

So here are the finished rings. I have lots and lots of rings, and have always

been somewhat of a snob about them. Wearing only sterling silver and real gemstones.

However, the funky costume jewelry that is showing up everywhere is so fun that I have

gotten on the costume band wagon lately. What do you think of them?

I put them on alongside my other “pretenders” and they seem to fit right in!

Do any of you remember that old witch that have the poisoned apple to Snow White?

Yeah, she was my hand model! Small world huh..

Hope you enjoyed true confessions of a crafting blogger. Just know that it might look

like we have it all together in the finished post, but there is always a back story!!

And if you make these and use the E6000 glue, just be sure you don’t operate large

machinery for at least 8 hours.. cause it is very, very, strong….

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  1. Jennifer
    7 years ago

    Those are too cool! I really love them! Off to love to make my own rings now!

  2. Beverly
    7 years ago

    What a great post! Thanks for keepin it real. :) I love the rings and I love the way you write!

  3. The Lumberjack's Wife
    7 years ago

    Ha! The hands comment! :)

    Great idea!

  4. Cindy Conner
    7 years ago

    Oh I love this Sharyl. I didn’t even know you could buy a bag of rings! I want to do this!!!! Love it! I love rings…the more gaudy the better! Have a blessed weekend. Cindy

  5. Kori
    7 years ago

    The rings look fabulous! And I love your writing style!

  6. Laurie
    7 years ago

    too funny- thank you for keeping it real. I get you on so many levels- And if I don’t get you started, you don’t get me started in Lost, deal?

  7. Gina
    7 years ago

    Great post! Funny and inspiring, I think I’d like take a risk with the purple rhino and try some myself!

  8. admin
    7 years ago

    I think everyone gets to meet the purple rhino sometime in their lives – usually it is after a surgery or something though!

    And I didn’t add this to the post, but I have also seen these rings done with colorful kids buttons, and they are too cute! Because every girl needs a little bling!

    Thanks for reading all of my rambling and confessions!

  9. Stephanie Cameron
    7 years ago

    They turned out super cute! lol…i didn’t understand what you meant about a purple rhino until i read some of the comments! tells you how much experience i have with inhalants!

  10. Michelle
    7 years ago

    I love vintage rings!!! Are you kidding me?? This is awesome! I will make this a future project.
    p.s. If you want to get rid of any of those…I’m your girl!!! :)

  11. randee
    7 years ago

    great post! the rings are beautiful. now i’ll have to add this to the list of a zillion projects i want to try!

  12. Amanda @ Serenity Now
    7 years ago

    I loved this post…you are very funny! :) I used E6000 on Tuesday night for a project, and it is very strong!! Your rings are lovely. That’s a project I’d like to try…wonder if you can get the ring part at a craft store?? Good job! I’m visiting from Sarah’s Before and After Party (my post is from yesterday). :)

  13. Bette @ Frugalmomx3
    7 years ago

    Those are really cool looking. Thanks for the laugh as I read your post!

  14. marieDee
    7 years ago

    Hilarious post!!!!! And great craft, too! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Steph Day
    7 years ago

    Funny post and the rings are GORG!

  16. Traci
    7 years ago

    How long does it take the E6000 to dry?

  17. DGr
    6 years ago

    What is the picture with the lavatory in the corner about?

  18. Katy
    6 years ago

    How funny! I JUST used the same process to make rings out of old clip-on costume jewelry. I didn’t notice the strong inhalant aspect of the e6000 glue though. I can’t wait to get my hands on more costume jewelry to make more. ALSO, my dad has a heavy-duty grinder that he inherited from his dad and it makes the sanding part take like 2 seconds literally.

  19. SanaLFaren
    12 months ago

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    for blogging.