The Great Bunion Cover Up..


I bet the name of this post totally drew you in..

Nothing like “take a look at my bunions” to cause people to pull the old “I’ve got an urgent phone call”

and turn around and run. But, I am determined to be transparent in this blog.. to a point.. So I am

going to share my deepest, darkest, ugliest secret.. Yes, I am announcing to the

entire world ( because you know they all read my blog) that I, Mrs. Little Brown House,

have a bunion problem. Bunions are those ugly bumps that grow out the side of your foot

right beside the big toe.. am I still drawing you in?? They are formed because idiot women

spend years with their size nine foot stuffed into a high pointy heel, because they think

it makes them look skinny.. at least that is what I have heard through the grapevine..

So every summer I see women of all ages flitting around in those adorable, simple, flip-flops,

and I feel a huge fire of envy rise up inside. You see, flip-flops would show my unsightly bunions.

Ok – I will show you one, but just once – and only in black and white because it is

way less scary that way. People with weak stomachs should scan past this..

(cue Psyco “EE” “EE” sound)

Those of you who threw up in your mouth a little are now excused..

Ok – so that pic doesn’t make them look so bad – I will show you another one later.

(That is meant to entice you to read all the way to the end of the post. Let me know if it worked..)

So today I decided to try and make flip-flops that would work for me.. As you get older

you learn that a lot of making yourself look good involves hiding or disguising things..

If you aren’t there yet I know you won’t believe me.. but it is coming

So here are some cute little white flops. They even have a tiny platform because I am still

a believer in the whole “Tall equals Thin” fantasy. Please don’t take it away from me.

I decided to use some black ribbon and a pair of broken earrings for my masterpiece.

You could just as easily do this with buttons, or flowers, or clips – use your imagination!

In fact – you could even do this if you don’t have bunions to hide and just like a cute flip-flop!

I began by tying a knot in the ribbon, onto one side of the rubber strap.

Can you honestly believe I am doing a tutorial on how to tie a bow?

Then the bunny goes under the tree and through the hole – or something like that..

So – you have a bow. Be sure it is on the same side as your bunion… I didn’t the first time.

Yep, I have obviously put one to many bunnies under the tree…

(if you figure out what that means, please share)

Now – for the exciting part!!!

I brought out the infamous


Which I first encountered in my Diy ring making post. You can read about it here:

The Secret Life Of A Crafting Blogger

I put some of the glue on the back of my earring. I think any kind of glue would work – even a hot glue gun.

Just an FYI – this glue has life threatening properties, as described on back in .05 size font..

I clamped the button to the bow as I let the glue dry.

Are these not the most adorable clamps you have ever seen! I got them at Home Depot

for .40 each! Why is everything so much cuter in miniature? Now I am looking for a mini

drill and nail gun to complete my set.

As promised – here is a picture of both my bunions – unretouched.. and my feet are even a little

swollen from my high blood pressure meds. ….

Oh my goodness just shoot me now….

So – here is the debut of my yucky bunion infested feet hidden behind

my new “Bunions Be Gone” fip-flops –

So tell me the truth,

and I am asking for extreme, unbridled, honesty here –

And I know my readers will give it to me..

Don’t you wish your Grandma was hot like me?


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  1. Cindy Conner
    7 years ago

    Sharyl, you are so crazy! I love the flip flops girl! You are one hot looking Nana!Be blessed. Cindy

  2. Kat
    7 years ago

    You are a riot! Too funny. Love the flip flops. Love your sense of humor.

  3. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe
    7 years ago

    The grandma line did me in!
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile~ and the shoes are Friday’s Favorites!!

  4. Angela
    7 years ago

    Hubby’s feet look just like yours! Stop hiding them and show them off in your beautiful new flip-flops! Love them.

  5. Lamb
    7 years ago

    Ouch! That’s a very beautiful cover-up. I might have to make a pair of these, bunion or no bunion :)

  6. Sara
    7 years ago

    First visit here…..I have bunions, too. Not from high heels—hereditary. But they’re still ugly and I actually search for flip-flops and sandals that make them less noticeable. Sometimes the straps can do it without embellishment. Keeping my toenails painted makes people look at them, not the bunions! Lol.

  7. Norell
    7 years ago

    When I saw the name of your post, I knew exactly what you were saying. I have them too – high heeled pumps even when I was 9 months pregnant!!! I too, envy everyone I see in flip flops while I have to hunt for a pair of shoes that are attractive and hide those ugly bumps. I can’t wait to try this. My daughters will flip (sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist).

  8. Carolyn
    7 years ago

    I don’t have bunions, but I do have (I can’t believe I am saying this out loud) unsightly peeling on the underside of my feet. How do I hide THAT in flip-flops, huh? :-)

  9. Emily
    7 years ago

    HA! You are too funny. You flip flops are adorable but your bunions are worse to you then they are to anyone else. We all have something that drives us crazy though and no one will ever convince us differently. Mine are my elbows, they are too pointy. I hate them, my feet though I like.

  10. scotty
    7 years ago

    Oh PLEEASE, my bunion has a name (Bunny) and I see her lil sister is growing rapidly on the right foot!!Did you hear me scream in Idaho when I dropped a full bar of Dove soap on her in the shower?!?!And yes, it is hereditary.Thanks, Mom. Oh and BTW, I do love the flips…

  11. Donna Strader
    7 years ago

    You gotta loves E6000! Fabulous!

  12. ingrid
    6 years ago

    love the flip flops! so cute and so disguising 😉 i think you should nickname your bunions your “bunnies” sounds cuter right?

  13. Lara
    6 years ago

    Great idea! Living in CA I have now adopted the bow wearing idea when not wearing my Bunion Booties!

  14. Adeline Coleman
    5 years ago

    I just Googled shoes to hide Bunions and came across your blog! I LOVE it!!! Mine are worse there yours and when i where flip flops they look awful!!! So i havent been wearing them, BUT I am going out today, buying some and using your bow idea! Thank-you so much!!!! What a great idea! I did a practice bow on a old pair, and i cant believe it, I actually think i can pull this off! I noticed that the dates are old on these posts, so i hope you are still blogging1 Thankyou for the great idea!

  15. Joanne G.
    5 years ago

    You are awesome lady!!! What a great idea. You should have your own line of shoes.

  16. Lenny
    5 years ago

    You’re the most creative person I’ve see. No embarassment from you regarding this condition makes me feel great. Here I go to buy some flips and creating and wearing for this frist time in decades
    thnku thnku

  17. Susan
    4 years ago

    Indeed your blog title drew me in… Obviously I googled the same thing you did!! You have truly made my day ~ these are the cutest solution to my nasty bunion feet at the beach. Thank you

    Sharyl@Thelittlebrownhouse Reply:

    You are very welcome;-)

  18. Ann
    4 years ago

    Love you comments. BTW, your bunions are tame compared to mine. Wish a good shoe designer would design for us!! I have one pair on sandals that I wish I could copy, they hide the bump, but are still cute. Will try the bow trick! In the mean time, if anyone knows of a shoe store/company that makes CUTE “hide the bump” sandals, please pass it on.

  19. Karen
    4 years ago

    I am always searching for sandles that can cover the bunion and still look fashionable-can you recommend any sites to help me

    Toronto, Ontario Canada

    Have great designs in my head but need money to make it happen….


  20. Anne
    3 years ago

    Hello and – may I say, I love you!
    I found your flip flop cover-up idea a while back, and I’m just back from Australia where I wore my be-ribboned flip flops most days, and was very very happy with them. I almost felt like I had … pretty feet!!
    I wanted to exactly copy the ones you’d done, but couldn’t find ribbon quite so wide, so I went off-menu with a double-bow arrangement, which worked quite well I think. One bow on top of the other, with four ends. Can I post a photo somewhere? I’ve taken one specially to show the group :)
    And feeling confident, on another day, I just tied ribbons onto a pair of flip flops, no glue, no buttons, and went out on the town like that. (Ok I had to keep re-tying the bows from time to time but sssh I think I got away with it …)
    To think of all the conversations I’ve had with medics and podiatry people about bunions and whether surgery’s an option etc. Turns out all you need is ribbons!! And nail varnish for that extra-groomed look.
    Thank you again :)