Diy Serving Tray


I decided to make the tray out of cabinet door

for my sister’s birthday.

And where would I go for the cabinet door but the Habitat Restore Store!

I found an incredibly ugly one – not on purpose, but it was the right size and shape.

Ugly? Am I right or am I right?

I sanded it with my palm sander –

(Quite the tool Diva aren’t I?)

Then sprayed it with a primer coat of….

wait for it…

Heirloom White! (heavens own color)

Then I brush painted it, so that I could get the look

I was going for. I used a Behr paint that is really close

to Heirloom White (heavens own color)

It is called Table Linen if anyone is interested.

Please forgive this photo – night, small dark room..

I knew that I wanted to put something vinyl on the tray, and was planning

on ordering something, but as usual time got away from me!

I went into my never fail dollar store, Dollar Tree, and found this great

vinyl with the word Welcome on it. Perfect! Guess how much it cost?

That joke just never grows old.

While I was at the Restore I picked up some cabinet hardware to use for tray handles.

They were .25 cents each, and the cabinet door was a dollar.

My sweet hubby screwed in the handles, and then all that was left was putting on the vinyl.

Isn’t it too cute!

She can display it when she isn’t using it as a tray.

Here is is ready to serve coffee and treats to guests!

What are those treats, you ask?

Why, those are my failed attempt at Bakerella’s Cake Pops,

I call them Cake Bombs…

Cake Pop to Cake Flop

So there you have a Diy serving tray –

Not bad for $2.50 huh!

I really like it, and of course now want to make myself one!

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  1. AmericKim
    7 years ago

    I love the tray! What a great idea! Hope I can find one to make. It would be perfect on my bed.
    Your sister will love it!

  2. Sonja @ Craft-Werk
    7 years ago

    Ha, I wish I were your sister. This is really lovely. I like how it is functional yet beautiful and can easily be used as a sign rather than a tray. Nice project!

  3. Christina
    7 years ago

    LOVE THIS! I got a few cabinet doors for FREE on the side of the road, and I’ve been looking for inspiration…thanks!! :)

    New follower by the way… :)

    If you have a chance…check out my pillow give-away…it ends tonight!

  4. Allison
    7 years ago

    I love this post for many reasons! First, the tray is beautiful and is really quite a transformation from the hideous (just being honest) door that it started. Second, I adore getting to use anything from the restore. May have to try and see if I can pull off something similar from my own restore! Third, I love the fact that you, just like my husband, this the “how much was it” from the dollar store joke is hilarious every time!
    Thanks for the smile and the awesome project!
    Happy FRIDAY!

  5. Bobbie
    7 years ago

    Your tray is just lovely! I love that “you” made means so much more as a gift I think.

  6. Paula
    7 years ago

    I love the tray too! I don’t know your sister, but if I did, I also wouldn’t tell her you only paid $2.50 for her birthday :) Just kidding.. I think it’s amazing.
    I have to tell you, I have that same mirror with the hooks in my entry way. I bought it for $5.00 at a thrift shop and it was stained a doodoo brown, and had broken hooks. I painted it black and bought hooks almost exactly like that. Too fun! I love a bargain and re-purposing things too.

  7. Laura
    7 years ago

    Oh wow, that turned out beautifully! I would have never guessed that you made that. Totally looks store bought. Love it! : )
    Love, Laura

  8. Alana
    7 years ago

    How lovely! I really like it! Can I be your sister too? 😉

  9. Carolyn
    7 years ago

    Okay…you must stop it!! I am developing a serious craftiness inferiority complex! Nonetheless, I LOVE the tray, and I need to find a restore somewhere near me. And I’m hitting the Dollar Tree next chance I get and I’m going to vinyl cover EVERYTHING in my house, including my husband!

  10. Erica
    7 years ago

    Love it!! How do you atatch the vinyl piece??


  11. kelley
    7 years ago

    Jealous! I really like what you did… I may have to give this one a try too. After linky days, my craft “to do” list grows and grows…
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Suzanne
    7 years ago

    Beautiful! I am very into serving trays at the moment…might blog about it soon. This is now another idea on my list, and I am a new follower.
    Stop by and visit me sometime!

  13. Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner]
    7 years ago

    A cabinet door?! That’s brilliant! And it turned out so beautifully… I’m on the lookout for an old cabinet door now! :]

  14. Carrie @ Dittle Dattle
    7 years ago

    What a fabulous tray! I think the vinyl is the best 😀

  15. Amy Meyer
    7 years ago

    That is so cute! I see serving trays at thrift stores all the time but never know what to do with them so thanks for the inspiration!

    Would love it if you joined my giveaway!

  16. lisa Wittliff
    7 years ago

    that is so cute! I didnt know $1 stores carried vinyl! I need to go looking…now! :)

  17. Remodelaholic
    7 years ago

    We love this party link and I wanted to let you know that we are planning on featuring it. We hope that you get a bunch of new visitors.

  18. Dawn
    7 years ago

    Ooh! I love it! What a lucky ducky sister you have!!!!

  19. Fairfield House
    7 years ago

    What a lucky gal your sister is! This tray is like your failed attempt at Bakerella’s Cake Pops, ‘da bomb’ ! Great job. Thank you for the inspiration.


  20. gail
    7 years ago

    cute! My $$$ tree never has good stuff. NEVER have found vinyl there. :(
    anyway, I love how this turned out!
    thanks for linking up to my first ever link party and thanks for linking back to me.

  21. vicki
    7 years ago

    You rock! That’s a great gift for soooo little.

  22. Katie
    7 years ago

    I just LOVE this idea!! Have several old doors from the Habitat Store that I can’t decide what to do with. Might just have to borrow your idea! :)

  23. Erin @ Where Beauty Meets Function
    7 years ago

    The tray tured out great!!

    The first picture, I thought you had SHOES in on it (I’m a dork, what can I say)…I was like ‘that’s weird’. Obviously, they weren’t shoes as I kept reading…went back and sure enough…the cups look nothing shoes. LOL

  24. Karrie
    7 years ago

    Love the cups btw! (and the tray of course)
    But back to the coffee cups, where did you buy them at? Any idea?

  25. Karrie
    7 years ago

    Thanks for the info on the cups! I’ll check ’em out.

    Love the ‘cake bombs’ too! I’ve been eyeing up cake pops for months, since I discovered bakerella, and have yet to attempt them. I’m pretty sure I’d turn out with bombs too!!

  26. DeeAnna
    7 years ago

    I love that! Vinyl? at the Dollar Store? I’m always shocked at what people can find at the dollar store. (coming from the girl that shops at the Goodwill!)

  27. Lindsey
    7 years ago

    Sheryl, thanks for your sweet comment! And you will never believe this but I am listening to Brian Regan with my husband right this minute as I check blogs and then I read your comments and it made me laugh! How funny:) Will follow your blog as well, love this serving tray!

  28. Kristen
    7 years ago

    LOVE this!!! Turned out beautiful and such a great way to re-purpose an old cabinet door! I may have to try this :)

  29. Richella
    7 years ago

    Wait a minute. You say you got that vinyl at Dollar Tree?!? Really?? I need to look around a little more carefully at Dollar Tree!

    This looks wonderful. You did a great job–and I don’t think you could beat that price anywhere!

  30. Debbie
    7 years ago

    That tray is absolutely fantastic thanks so much for sharing :)

  31. Jerri
    7 years ago

    How nice! Great job on this! Great to see you again at Friday Favorites!

  32. Laurel
    7 years ago

    I love this tray – you must be a good momma!

  33. Carla
    7 years ago

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I have been looking/wanting/needing a large serving try fo-eva! I will definitely try this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Jenn
    7 years ago

    This is so beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at your blog! Just joined as a follower. 😉

  35. Pat
    7 years ago

    I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get to the habitat store tomorrow!

  36. melissa*320 sycamore
    7 years ago

    Those look like our old kitchen cabinets. It looks soooo much better now! Fantastic transformation :)

  37. Lei
    7 years ago

    So very cute. I love it!!!

  38. Cindy Coghill
    7 years ago

    I am new at blogging and just found your blog through the Southern Hospitality blog. What a wonderful idea, so inexpensive, and sooooo
    beautiful! Thanks for sharing for very thrifty gift idea.

  39. Debbie Ridgeway
    7 years ago

    I love your tray idea!!! I am new to blogging and I have so many things that I can try, but I just don’t know where to start! I know your sister will love it and the cost is nothing to even worry about. Look at all the plannig and love that you put into this gift…priceless!!

  40. Mimi
    7 years ago

    Your sister is very fortunate to receive that cute tray as a gift.

  41. Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha
    7 years ago

    Coming over from Beneath My Heart! Such a great project! I’m sure she will love it! I love the nod to it’s past life as a door with those handles. Great job!

  42. Mrs. Jones from the Circus
    7 years ago

    LOVE IT!! Super cute and I love that it was so stinking cheap!

    (Hopping from Beneath my Heart’s party)

  43. Heather @ The Cozy Cape
    7 years ago

    OH MY GOSH! This is amazing and for $2.50. I have to try this. This would be a great Christmas gift!

    (coming over from Beneath My Hearth’s Party)

  44. free2befrugal
    7 years ago

    Love it, love it, love it!

    I’ve been wanting a tray and this looks like a neat project. I never would have thought to use a cabinet door.

    I am diggin’ your blog. Stop by and visit me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

  45. Pat
    7 years ago

    I love it! I would never have thought to use a cabinet door either. I think these would make great gifts…and I could use one for my bed. My mind is in fast forward right now ~ :-)

    Glad I found your blog!

  46. Freckledme
    7 years ago

    Yahoo! I finally found a larger Dollar Tree near me so I was able to buy 4 different vinyls, one I’ve looked everywhere for! Coincidentally I found an old tray at Goodwill two days ago. :)

    I’ve been unemployed for a year so wasn’t sure how I was going to handle presents, but now Christmas is looking better all the time!

  47. Carol
    6 years ago

    Love the tray….but was wondering if you made the mirror too and if so, how’d ya do it? Instructions please! Thanks!

  48. Melissa K
    6 years ago

    So… I Google to find a Behr paint that’s close to Heirloom White so that I can paint our orange-y oak hutch, and look who pops up!

    Thank you! :)