It Started With A Picture – Part 2


As promised – a continuation. Go here to read the first half.

It Started With A Picture – Part 1

Here is where I left off in part one of my story:

Around 10 weeks later, they did another test on me, and told us that they thought

the baby might have Downs Syndrome. So we went for an amnio.

We spent another two weeks waiting for the results of that.

Another two weeks of leaning on God and each other, determined

that the results didn’t matter when it came to our joy and love for the baby.

To continue:

I did a lot of praying during that time. In the process of the amnio they discovered

that the baby was a boy. We were so thrilled to find that out! I did all of the research I could

on Downs Syndrome during that waiting time, and that really helped me become less fearful

of it. For me knowledge of something always eases anxiety. We that we would

be thrilled with our boy either way, we just prayed that he would be well and healthy.

When the call finally came, it was good news. The test results showed our little boy did not have

Downs Syndrome. We were finally able to relax and begin getting ready for him.

After all the things that had happened prior to his birth, we just knew he would be something

special! Not that our girls weren’t also special, and miracles themselves.

When you look at everythingthat works together to create a life,

you realize that they are all children are miracles and gifts from the Lord.

So  – the day finally came for our little guy to be born.

This is one of the most precious photo’s I have – it means the world to me.

Our girls were 9 and 11 when our son was born, and he made our little family complete!

I regret to say, however, that I did not keep my promise.

His name is not Lazarus….

He started kindergarten the same year his oldest sister started her High School senior year.

He became an uncle at age 8.

His sisters think he has been spoiled..

He is 19 now, and works at the same church I do in the same department.

He makes video’s.

I have to say, I believe I was a better parent when I was older. My poor daughters got the

Mom that was so driven and perfectionistic, and determined to be in control.

They turned out beautifully in spite of me though!

And they each have 3 children and are the best mommies.

I am not really sure why I chose to share this story with you.

Maybe because I want to tell all of you who have small children at home

that it is worth it. It is worth everything. All of the times you are stuck at home

with a sick child who is throwing up on everything that moves. Those times when

you find half of the furnishings in your home have been decorated with

crayons, or chalk, or gum, or worse… The times when you have just

picked up the house,

done the laundry

cooked a meal,

cleaned the kitchen,

and put the kids to bed –

and you realize that you have to do all of it over again tomorrow.

It is so worth it.

And you will have plenty of time for yourself after they are grown.

I know it seems like forever, but it is really a blink of the eye..

I guess I am also writing to those of you who are Moms of older kids,

the kids who are able to feed, dress, and clean themselves,

but come full of opinions and demands and arguments.

The Moms that have their hearts broken when their child

lies to them, or disobeys, or is disrespectful to their face.

It really is all worth it.. really.

And when they are grown, and have families of their own,

You can’t imagine the joy that you will feel.

And I also want you to know that being a Mom

is the most important thing you can be.

and there is nothing that compares…

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  1. Pammypam
    6 years ago

    Thank u for sharing those thoughts. Sometimes u need to hear it from someone who has bee thru it. My kids are teens now, with the o,dest just in college. Its hard. I miss the little ones. But yet i cant wait to see what their lives become. If inly i could hold them for one more day.

  2. Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement
    6 years ago

    I love this post! I had a similar situation when I was pregnant with my daughter. I contracted meningitis and was hospiitalized. I was told that the baby would naturally abort itself; however she didn’t. I was then told that the baby may be blind or deaf. We prepared ourselves for that. She was born able to see, able to hear and fine in every way. She just got accepted to college and I’m wondering where the years have gone?! It flies by and was absolutely wonderful living through every moment of it. I know there is much more excitement to come, it’ll just be different.

    Have a great day!

  3. Linda
    6 years ago

    This just brought tears to my eyes. My boys are now 28 and 23. The older one lives in New York and is having a hard time making his way since the financial markets crashed. But he is trying. The younger one picked up and moved himself to Austin. I miss my little boys so much! It DOES go in the wink of an eye. I would love to be back on the soccer fields and the hockey rinks and the wrestling meets – things that defined our lives for a long time and are now gone. I miss school days and holidays and scraping together enough change for lunch and buying school supplies. I miss it all. I never regretted having those boys. I never regretted making motherhood my career choice. I just miss them like hell! (am I allowed to say that??)

  4. maren
    6 years ago

    Thanks. I appreciate your words today. Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful during life’s monotony.

  5. Patty
    6 years ago

    Well said. As the mother of four grown sons I can vouch for the truth of your post. Our youngest is 31. As with all of them, there was a last time I held him on my lap and rocked him to sleep or read to him. I didn’t know it was the last time. That was probably merciful. Motherhood is all I ever wanted. I’m thankful that God gave me the desire of my heart.

  6. The Lumberjack's Wife
    6 years ago

    I think Lazarus would have suited him :)

  7. Stephanie
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am the mom who has just started the journey. I have a two year old daughter and just recently quit my jobs to stay at home with her. This has always been my hearts desire, I guess I just didn’t realize how emotionally draining it could be. Trying to be consistent, picking your battles, and praying at the end of the day my baby knows how very much I love her. Thank you again for the reminder to cherish every day with her, because it will be gone so quickly. God bless you.

  8. Memaw
    6 years ago

    I was told that I could not become pregnant without surgery. We were going to schedule surgery soon, when SURPRISE I was pregnant with my daughter.

    She was the only child I was able to have which only serves to make her more special.

    She is now 33 with 2 children of her own and everyday I thank God for my miracle baby.

  9. Meliss
    6 years ago

    Very sweet post =) I’m especially glad I took my large green glasses off before that picture was taken!!

  10. Connie
    6 years ago

    Stephanie…my three children are grown and I wish I would have been sillier with them and sat down and played more. The one thing I did was connect in some way with other moms and I found other moms to get together with so we could interact and the children had someone else to play with. I also found a friend to watch my little ones for a short time when I needed it and I would reciprocate with her children. It gave me a break to just go to the doctor or just roam Target alone for an hour. Keep in touch with friends and go be a great mom!!


  11. Connie
    6 years ago

    As a mom of three grown children, a girl and two boys I would agree that being a mom is the best part of my life. I enjoyed your story and am enjoying getting to know you more. Great encouragement for young mothers!!

  12. Melissa K
    6 years ago


    (And now I’m laughing, because I tried to post and got a message saying “Your comment is too short. Please try again” and so I had to add this little commentary.)

  13. ~K @ VintageSkye
    6 years ago

    Oh, it’s so nice to hear your story and those last words you wrote! 3 of my children are teenagers right now and though I love them DEARLY, some days the only way I can describe it is- HARD! I just get a heavy heart sometimes, wondering if I am doing the right thing! Those simple words give that bit of encouragement that all moms need once in awhile. Thank you!

  14. Carol-Anne: Use the Good Dishes!
    6 years ago

    What a lovely post! My son is a teen now and is actually just causing us so much stress, I often wonder if it’s worth it….Did I do something wrong to make him so ‘bad’?

    Will he ever come out on the other side of this?

    No matter, what, though, I know I would stand in front of a moving train for him.

  15. Carol-Anne: Use the Good Dishes!
    6 years ago

    What a lovely post! My son is a teen now and is actually just causing us so much stress, I often wonder if it’s worth it….Did I do something wrong to make him so ‘bad’?

    Will he ever come out on the other side of this?

    No matter, what, though, I know I would stand in front of a moving train for him.

  16. Debbie
    6 years ago

    Your post brought a tear to my eye. I’m a mother of three grown children…I related in sooooo many ways. Very touching! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Erin @ Carolina Country Living
    6 years ago

    Sharyl, thank you for sharing the story of how your family came to be. I really enjoyed reading it! And what encouraging words to read as a young(ish) mother. I have one boy, now 4, and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since he was born. I know being home for him is the best choice for him and our family, but the first few years were ridiculously hard as I adjusted to living a completely different sort of life than I was previously accustomed! Thank goodness for good girlfriends is all I can say! Now that he’s a preschooler, I’m enjoying him more and feel like I’ve learned many of the humbling lessons that come with motherhood. A mother’s work and sacrifice is sadly undervalued but certainly worth doing.

    Stephanie Stimson Reply:

    Erin, I can so relate to your story. I had my son at the ripe ole age of 36 (he’s 7 now) and was THE corporate woman. I quit my job and WOW what an adjustment that was, going from Ms. Independent & doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to being a full-time Domestic Engineer (sounds professional, right?). There were some days when I just wanted to sit in the corner and scream for my old life to come back,but then I would look at those chubby cheeks M sported back then and all those thoughts blew right out the window. I am still a SAHM who is at his school at least 3 days a week…I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy these young years with him, when he will still hug & kiss me in front of his friends. :)

    Sharyl, thank you for sharing your story with us…I always love to read stories of God’s awesome power. :)

  18. meghan
    6 years ago

    I loved this post about your children. I am a new mom, and as much as I want to enjoy every moment with my little girl while she is so young, it is definitely HARD some days. Your words were very encouraging, and I’m really enjoying your blog! :)

  19. Lisa C
    6 years ago

    Hi friend –

    Thank you for being obedient to His prompting to write this story on your blog. As I sit here, my 4 year old daughter is sick with a terrible cold and cough and asleep in my one arm (causing me to type this with one hand on a keyboard that half the letters worn off…). This sweet girl has put me thru the wringer this week with… coloring on things she knows not to, lying, and now… sweetly sick. You said what God wanted me to hear. Thank you for being HIS sweet obedient instrument!

  20. Sandy
    6 years ago

    Sharyl….very good post! I enjoyed it very much!! I felt very encouraged. I have a miracle baby…well two!! The time is flying by and before I know it I will have worked myself out of a job raising kids!!
    Thanks again!

  21. Michelle
    6 years ago

    What a lovely post. I am the mother of a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. They can dress and feed and bathe themselves. However, they are very opinionated, outspoken, and determined. I love them no matter what. And when I look at them and try to think back to when they were little, I never wish I had it back. They are turning in to such wonderful little people. The true loves of my life.

  22. Linda Kline
    6 years ago

    You have a way of telling something that we as mothers all feel, but somehow can’t express in words the way you do. My son was a difficult pregnancy his oldest brothers child was born in March of 1996 he was born on Dec 23 1996.He was an uncle before he was born. HA HA. He is now fourteen with 12 nieces and nephews, and three more to be born one in April, one in June and one in October. I look at all of my children and my grandchildren and could not begin to think of how to tell my children how I felt. Now I printed out what you wrote so they can see what mom’s feel like. It is odd our son’s births were so similar. They wanted me to have amnio but I decided that I would love him no matter what. I was high risk and miscarried his twin sister, and put on complete bedrest, for the entire pregnancy. He was 4 pounds when he was born a month early, and was my little Christmas present. His name Aaron. Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

  23. Lynne
    6 years ago

    What a wonderful post! I am nearing an empty nest, but because my kids are spaced out in age I have already experienced the joy of being a grandma! I feel like it is a gift that I have been given a glimpse of what it will be like when my boys are married with families. My youngest is a junior in high school, and I know time will pass much to quickly before he is off on his own. I too have never regretted one moment of staying at home with my kids!!

  24. Judy
    6 years ago

    Oh, girl. You just rock.

  25. Amanda M
    6 years ago

    You just wrote about me!!! Well… kind of! I am what I reffer to as “my parent’s mid life crisis”… but in a good way! My sisters were a sophmore and senior in school when I was born. I kept my parents young at heart (not saying that I didn’t give them more grey hairs lol)!

    Very nice story =)

  26. Kelli
    6 years ago

    I am home with my little baby girl today… she was up all night with a fever and cough… so this post was perfect for me today! tell you the truth- I kind of get a little anxiety thinking about how fast kids grow up. Everyone always tells me to enjoy it because it goes so fast… and I don’t want it to go so fast and then be sad because it’s gone!
    I’m just trying so hard to enjoy every moment and to live each day- and to always remember I am so thankful and blessed!

  27. ingrid
    6 years ago

    you made me cry. what a lovely post. being a mom is the best job i have ever had. and the hardest. and i do have to stop and enjoy the small things with my little because i know it will be the blink of an eye and he will be grown.

  28. Gabbie
    6 years ago

    WELL … let me wipe away the tears first so I can type the words thank you :o) I had just a sec to sit down and rest on this day of cleaning/putting things back together/reinventing how we live our lives because we really need to be doing this better (I have older kids who can – but do not necessarily – clean themselves :o). So anyway, I chose to stop in at The Little Brown House because I always find your blog so encouraging … and I got just what I needed but didn’t expect it to be so personal … thanks, hugs and blessings to you!

  29. Denese
    6 years ago

    That is a really great story. It speaks so loudly and resonates with most moms. I am with everyone who also mentioned that they needed to hear this. It does get hard sometimes (and I am just starting out!) but I do think about my little guy’s life and his future and how 20-30 years from now I will be looking back on it like you’re doing right now.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  30. MindyLou
    6 years ago

    Wow. I don’t know if it’s simply because that was such a great post or that my pregnancy hormones are kicking in, but reading that encouragement to moms made me cry. I am preggo with #3, and somedays are just so…tiring. Repetetive. Yet, I love it and wouldn’t want to do ANYTHING else in the whole world. Thank you for that encouragement and reminder to cherish these moments. God is good!

  31. Linda
    6 years ago

    I am new to your blog so I am just seeing this post today ~ it is very moving and I thank you for sharing it. I have 7 children of my own (29, 28, 26, 23, 20, 20 & 17) and can totally relate! (I am also around your age or a couple years older {yikes} & a G-ma who doesn’t want to dress like one).

    Keep up the good work girlfriend! I’m going to stay tuned!

  32. Becky
    6 years ago

    Oh, how what you said is soooo true…my son just turned 30 last week, and my daughter is 26. I am a g’ma to my beautiful grandaughter, who’s 6, and my cutie-pie grandson…4. They are pure joy, tis true.

    When I look back at our pictures when my children were just little ones, tears inevitably come most times. It makes me miss that time way back then, so much. I would absolutely LOVE to go back, say, once a year…just for a day….at different stages of their childhood……wouldn’t that be the BEST?

    Being a Mom was the only thing I ever wanted to do, too…and I have always felt that it was my best accomplishment. It came so natural, and I loved every-single-second-of-it. Out of my 4 pregnancies, I was blessed with 2 beautiful kids. My son was my 1st pregnancy and my daughter was my 4th. I was certain after miscarrying twice before her, that my daughter wouldn’t make it……..but she did!

    Now, they’re grown, gone, busy living their lives, and sometimes I wonder where the heck did the time go…? Where I didn’t have a minute to myself for decades, I now have all the time in the world I want for myself…….it’s still weird to me and I’ve been an empty nester for 5 yrs…

    Love your blog, sorry for going on….

    Wishing you and yours continued blessings…