Making Space


A few weeks ago I went on a “We have too much stuff” rampage..

I got rid of two large pieces out of my family room, and have since slacked off .

Baby steps – right?

The pieces I got rid of were my treadmill and our futon.

One of them hadn’t been used in a year….

I decided to bring the couch from our living room into the family room.

These rooms are side by side, and the living room couch was rarely used.

By humans, that is..


For the past two years it has basically been a $300 glorified dog bed…

He was quite sad when we moved it away from the window.

This is the only picture I could find showing this couch in the living room.

 And here is a picture of our family room with futon and treadmill.

The treadmill is hiding behind the folding screen.

I think it may be afraid of me…

Here are some shots of the family room with the dog bed living room couch moved in –

I really love having it in here – hubby and I both snuggle on it and watch TV together.


Here is a view of the wall that the couch faces now:

Our TV and the Grandchild Wall Of Fame..

It is nice to have less stuff in here, and more room.

Our living room looks a little blank now, however.


Of course, when you free up space it has a domino effect.

Which is why I purchased two of the IKEA chairs you see

in this photo.. I need to see if I can either find different

slipcovers for them or look into recovering them.

I like the white, but I think I want them to be skirted.

Oh, and big surprise  – guess where my dog sleeps now……

As I put this post together I am fairly happy with the way these rooms look –

Mainly because they help take my mind off of the way my kitchen looks right now…

Can’t wait till this project is finished!!


Here are some of the projects that are pictured in this post:

Hanging Plate Wall Art

Good And Perfect Sign 

Word Art

Doormat To Wall Art 

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  1. Melissa Kaiserman
    6 years ago

    You’re doing it! WOOHOO!!!

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions
    6 years ago

    I’m on a forced clear out, Sharyl. We are getting ready to move and everyday the yard sale pile gets more! Thankfully, that is this Saturday so I can get that out of my house altogether. Whatever doesn’t sell is going to Goodwill the next morning! Your family room looks so cozy. I am planning on doing a gallery wall of some kind with pictures once we are in our new place. So, I’ll get to have fun gathering pictures and frames to set that up.

  3. Lynn
    6 years ago

    I like the rearrangement. As far as the IKEA chairs and skirting them – here’s a quick and thrifty idea – what about making a skirt for them and putting it on elastic cording at the top of the skirt. Then you can pull the skirt up from the bottom, around the legs and have them skirted when you want, but can also bring them back to the open leg style when you don’t.

    Maybe the skirting becomes your fall and winter look and the open legs are spring and summer.

    If you can find a fabric that works with the upholstery this could be a quick solution that you can sew.

    Are you painting your kitchen cabinets?

  4. Shane H
    6 years ago

    Smart move! The couch looks great in its new home. :)

  5. Jan
    6 years ago

    Family room looks great – very cozy!

  6. Deborah
    6 years ago

    Hi Sharyl…..Your family room looks so warm and cozy and I really love the sofa in its new home. Actually, I just love that sofa….Deb. P.S. It is so much fun borrowing pieces from one room to outfit another room….love your style!

  7. Sandy
    6 years ago

    Very nice…one of these days we need to get together and play. I LOVE moving furniture around…call me!!