Play Kitchen From Entertainment Center


A friend of mine in TRW (The real world!) and her husband

made a play kitchen for their children

last month. They showed the progress on Facebook,

and their resulting piece was so adorable!

When Jen asked if I might like to share her tutorial

on my blog I jumped at the chance –

Hope you enjoy it!

STEP 1: Idea & Planning

The idea to make an entertainment center play kitchen for our kids came because I

really wanted them to have a better bigger play kitchen.

So I looked online for ways to build a kitchen for cheap & came across tons
of pictures of entertainment centers repurposed into play kitchens! It’s like an entertainment

center is built with a play kitchen in mind!  Everything is the right height & size!  Genius!

STEP 2: Collecting Supplies

We collected as much as we could for free from Craigslist, thrift
store free piles, & mom & pop’s junk yard.  It was fun imagining what
this & that would be used for in the finished product.

STEP 3: Unbuilding (Disassembling) the Centers!

We started by disassembling one entertainment center into

all its individual pieces since we were going

to use that wood to make into the different doors & shelves.

The bigger of the two centers, we used as the base

for the kitchen & only disassembled the inside pieces leaving the frame intact.

 We made adjustments to

this center as well, although you could use a center as is,

we decided to rebuild it to make everything the “right size”!

Thankfully my husband was in the construction/carpentry business most of his life,

so doing this wasn’t a problem!

STEP 4: Assembly / Building

We used a brad nailer to assemble the whole center… making sure there weren’t any brads sticking out to cut little fingers!

There wasn’t much sanding to do, as we were painting over finished particle board,
but I did sand the cut edges. We used entertainment center 2 for the appliance doors because it had
nice rounded edges & made the doors look finished.  We cut a hole in the tv shelf for the sink & marked off where

the stovetop would go.We took off the glass door & replaced that with refrigerator doors
made from the other center, attached with hinges & the magnetic things from the cabinets.

Above the refrigerator we put small cupboard doors made from the drawer fronts from the end tables.

 We built the drawer under the stove entirely from scraps as well as the microwave.

STEP 5: Painting
We started out painting the appliances with spraypaint, but quickly found that it bubbled at random times

because of the veneer on the particle board.  So we ended up painting with brushes & using spray
paint as little as possible. We spray painted the black areas onto the appliances

after painting them white… be careful with this again as spray paint tends to bubble up

when painted over paint or over the veneer on particle board…

we learned the hard way to spray it on really lightly, & then let that
dry, then another very light coat… over & over until it is painted.

We painted all the individual doors before attaching to the unit, but painted the unit all put together

(i.e. inside the shelves & appliances, etc).

We did two coats over the whole thing, except the top, where we did 3 coats.
All the appliances are painted & then finished with a clear glossy acrylic spray paint.

 We faux painted the countertop “marble”…

neither of us had faux painted before so we searched the web & youtube for techniques,

only to find that one needed all these special supplies and junk, so we improvised.

 We painted the base coat of green on, then sponge painted the second color of green.

Then sponged on tiny bits of black over that.  Then used dental floss

dipped in white paint to make the veins.

Although only a small amount of this shows up around the sink & stovetop, it still looks amazing.

Though our daughter’s first
reaction to the countertop was to grab a washcloth & try to clean it
up because she thought it was dirty!  Haha!

STEP 6: Finishing Touches & Details
The stovetop is made from Plexiglas painted black on one side & glued to

the countertop paint side down with epoxy

(a two part glue that you have to mix before using).

CD’s painted black & glued to the top are the burners.

We found real oven knobs & attached them with screws from the underside with a

large bolt acting as a washer between the counter & the knob… yes, they actually turn!

(sorry for the over-exposed picture – had to do that to show the cd’s!)

The sink was installed with caulk as is a real sink with real fixtures!

For the microwave buttons, I printed out a design I made in Publisher & just used modgepodge to glue it

to the door with the clear spray over that.

For the “window” above the sink, we printed out a pretty picture, put
it in a frame, hot glued a curtain to the frame & screwed the frame to
the wall from the back of the center.

I printed “Pantry” off on the computer on card stock, cut the letters
out with an exacto knife, and we used a gluestick to glue it to the
wall & then quickly spray painted the letters & took the stencil off.
It worked nicely as a finishing detail!

One thing that I’m totally glad we did is that we made the oven & dishwasher doors open &

touch the floor when open… that way if the kids stood on them they wouldn’t break.

(and they stood on them as soon as one of those doors was open)

I used sprinkles containers, with dots drawn on the lids & the lids hot glued shut for spices.

The kids helped me fill the containers half full with misc sprinkles.

I gave them the mini crock pot that came with my big crock pot…

my husband pulled the prongs out of the cord so it can’t be plugged in.
I also gave them a small real tea pot & muffin tin & a fancy silvery platter from the dollar tree.

STEP 7: Moving Day!
Phew… that was a chore… this thing is HEAVY!  Thankfully, the centerhad wheels

(highly recommended)

so we wheeled it to the front porch… where we had steps to conquer!

We covered the steps with layers of soft blankets… then we rolled… yes, ROLLED…

the whole unit up the steps & in the door!  Hey, it was just my husband & myself doing this
thing, gimmie a break!  He could hardly lift his end, much less have me lift my end!

So, it was rolled!  And not a nick on it!
After maneuvering it into the room, we laid it down, took the wheels
off, and then stood it up & pivoted it into its corner.

That was a process, let me tell you!

So how long did the whole thing take?  We started collecting supplies

September 4th & finished the project early October,

waited for the paint to cure & gifted it to the kids on the 18th of October!

 It’s a vast improvement over the old kitchen, I must say!


           I would have to agree with Jen! So what do you think? Didn’t she do a great job?

If you would like to meet Jen you can go check out her blog:

Todays Creative Blog




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  1. Rosemary
    6 years ago

    Now that was a labor of love. It looks incredible. Nicely done.

  2. momstheword
    6 years ago

    Love it! What a creative idea! I hope you don’t mind but I pinned it!

  3. Sandy
    6 years ago

    That is really cool….I would love to try that for my Grand-daughter!! If I start now…she might get to use it before graduation!! : )

  4. Becki
    6 years ago

    Great kitchen for kids and will last a long time!

  5. Jen
    6 years ago

    Thanks for blogging this Sharyl! Someday I’ll have my own blog, but for now, thanks for letting me borrow yours!

  6. Nan @ Playful Decor
    6 years ago

    OK, you guys are insane!! This has got to be the most amazing idea and transformation I’ve seen! What a great thing to do with all the huge tv centers we no longer need! I’d love to have you link this up to my Tuesday’s Nursery hop today – it’s for any kids decor at any age. I hope you can make it. And gosh, link up any other ideas you’ve done – I’m going back to look more!! Have a great day! Nan

  7. Lisa @ HR Creative Design Studio
    6 years ago

    What a great transformation! Great job and I love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Erin{LavenderandLemonDrops}
    6 years ago

    Love it! It kicks butt on those store bought plastic ones!

  9. Jessica J
    6 years ago

    I love your results! I am on the hunt for a great piece to make a kitchen with and love seeing others for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Rosa
    6 years ago

    Oh, that is just so very cool! I would have just about given anything for that when I was a kid! I hope your kiddos know how fortunate they are! :) Awesome work!

  11. Tricia
    6 years ago

    Love love love this idea! Great job!

  12. Kim
    6 years ago

    Wish us luck! Just found the exact unit on Craigslist for a steal and hope to complete similar kitchen for Christmas ~ thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Lori
    5 years ago

    this is awesome, if my daughter sees this she’ll want Poppy to make her one–great job guys!!

  14. Laila Moysey
    5 years ago

    That’s really amazing! I’m sharing this with my partner and maybe we’ll make this instead of selling it on the Amherst Swap and Sell on facebook!

    Thanks for sharing,

  15. Tammy @ LoveMy2Dogs
    5 years ago

    I love these!! I am a new Linky follower and definitely going to follow you on pinterest also.

  16. Melissa
    5 years ago

    How tall is the entertainment center? What are the dementions?

  17. Sandie
    4 years ago

    What did you use to make the spice rack? I am doing this for my daughter’s 7th birthday and I really like the idea of a spice rack.
    I have basically everything I need, just need a faucet still, and now a spice rack!
    Thank you!

  18. Becky
    4 years ago

    What did you use for the sink? This is fabulous!

  19. angel
    4 years ago

    you both have a talent from God..Great!!!!

  20. kavitha
    2 years ago

    How many ounze of white paint you used for this complete project? because I’m planing to do this and I want to know how much I need

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