Framing Your Face


The gals over at BlogHer Life Well Lived asked me to write a post about Looking Your Best this week.

The question they are asking is:

“What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face?”

In my opinion, the framing makes all of the difference, especially as I get older.

I am not saying I am ugly, I am just saying I will take all the help I can get!

I love the fact that we are all different – each of us is uniquely beautiful.

I believe that how we take care of our face and present ourselves enhances the beauty that is there.

Here are a few intentional things I do to give my face the best framework I can.

1) Scarves 

When you think of a persons face, you generally also picture their hair.

We can’t help it – it is usually right there next to their face.

And as far as I am concerned, God put it there for us to have fun with 😉

I love trying out different things with my hair, and one of my favorite things to add is a scarf.

I am blonde and have really fair skin, so that is a good way to bring color up near my face.

I often pin pictures of scarves on my Pinterest page, and this is one of my favorites.


(If you click on source it will take you to her scarf tutorial)

2) Jewelry 

Another  thing I use to frame my face is jewelry.

I have a thing for big jewelry.. and I am drawn to shiny things… 😉

Sometimes earings will completely change the look of an outfit.

And once again, they draw the eye up to your face –

And there are so many cute pieces of hair jewelry available in the stores

or from Etsy right now – and there are lots of craft tutorials showing how to make your own.

It can be a very inexpensive way to dress up or change your look.


This one is a bit more elaborate, or at least the hairstyle is..

but even a simple beaded or flowered clip can spice up a dull hair day,

and once again, call attention to that beautiful face of yours!

3) Sun Glasses


Yes, in addition to loving big chunky jewelry – I am a fan of big sunglasses..

Seriously, if you throw on a scarf and a big pair of sunglasses before you go out the door,

you can look like a rock star even on those days when you would rather hide from the world!

The only thing I would do different than this photo is wear bright lipstick..

but once again – I have no natural color…

4) Sunblock

Yes, I will preach for a moment…

If you really want to protect your face, and keep it looking good as you grow older,

frame it with sunscreen.. lots and lots of it.

Anyone else remember their Mom telling them that all their lives?

I am fair skinned, and have always had a severe reaction to the sun.

Because of that I have never been able to be out in it to get a tan.

Even tanning booths break me out in hives…..

It has made me mad my whole life, until the last few years.

As I have begun to get wrinkles, I am realizing that I will have less

problem with them than I would have if I had been out in the sun all my life.

So the thing I have resented all this time has turned out to be for my own good..

Wouldn’t you know it would turn out that way???!!

Dang it – I suppose Mom was right about vegetables and exercise too….

Now – the last thing I want to say, and I am sure you knew it was coming,

is that the best way to frame a beautiful face is to have the beauty start on the inside.

Smile – be happy – take joy in life, and your face will reflect that…

If you want to take at a few other ideas to frame your face, go on over

to Blogher and see what some others have to say about it!

Battling Your Arch Enemy And Other Tips To Frame Your Face

Be sure to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

And please share with me in the comments your best face framing tips –

I would love to hear your ideas!

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One Comment

  1. Jan
    5 years ago

    Wow, don’t get overwhelmed with all the comments here!!! I use scarves ALOT to add color under my chin – it’s kind of a drag when the weather gets hot though because they are just too hot to wear. And even though my skin tone is not at all the same as yours, even my darker olive skin tone requires lip color as I age. Remember what we were taught when learning the skill of color analysis, the skin loses pigmentation as we age., I have certainly seen that to be true.