Simple Spring Mantel


I have finally decorated my mantel for spring.

It hasn’t felt much like spring around here yet, but the calendar insists that it is.

One of the reasons I was reluctant to change the mantel up is how much I

loved my winter mantel.. I could probably have lived with it all year.

It has to be one of my to-date mantel favorites..

But.. I gave in to peer pressure:-)

Seems like everyone else has “springed” up their mantel by now.

Who knew there was Mantel Etiquette?

So – a week or so ago I took everything down and started playing.

I decided to ‘shop the house’ as we are trying to watch our spending right now.

I wanted a kind of ‘junky’ look – so I started with my vintage map window.

Vintage Window Makeover

I liked the idea, but wasn’t completely happy yet.

I put those little green shutters up there, I loved the look of the shutters,

but hated the color up against the blue/grey paint on the wall.

So – of course I took them down and slapped some chalk paint on them!

I added my antique scale and some old books

I switched out the map window with a flower filled window I

got years ago – I was much happier.

The books made me think of a sign that I had made for my family room.

I used an old cabinet door (of course) and put vinyl lettering on it –

trying to make it look like an old bookstore sign.

I liked the sign up there, but felt it needed something behind it to

balance with the other side of the mantel.

I used an old wooden serving tray – but it wasn’t quite right.

It still needed something.

So I took an old book

(cover your eyes for this if you think everything old is sacred..)

and tore some of the back pages out of it…....(cue dramatic music) *gasp!*

Then I just taped some of the pages to the bottom of the tray.

I like it..

In keeping with the ‘book’ theme I put a shabby white book-end on

the other side of the mantel along with a silk hydrangea bloom.

It is not my fanciest mantel ever – and it doesn’t have any huge statement piece or craft item.

But it is simple and pleasing, and it was free!

It is bright and springy looking –

I would really like to add some live flowers to it, but have not

done so yet. I think a little more color might be good.

Sorry for the blown out picture – it was our 10 minute dose of sunshine that day!

Well, there it is.. my spring mantel.

I am hoping it will oversee many family game nights at our old table.

And I guess that is what makes me like it the most –

It is comfortable and doesn’t feel to ‘decorated’

We feel comfortable putting our coffee mugs up on it while we play

board games there. It helps give that lived-in old beachy feel..

And that is what I am hoping for – a laid back spring that is comfortable

and full of time with family, relaxing, reading, games, and coffee…

Sounds nice huh?



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  1. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions
    5 years ago

    Very pretty, Sharyl! I like it! Love those little shutters.

  2. Becki
    5 years ago

    Very nice! I like that you shopped your house! I need to do that more often instead of heading to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I’ve got a basement full of stuff to go through! I’m thinking a garage sale might be in order.

  3. Karrin
    5 years ago

    Love it! Thanks for walking through the whole process, too. Its nice that you are able to tinker and don’t get things perfect on the first try. Gives hope to the rest of us! Except I don’t have a mantel….woe is me. One other area where I have to live vicariously through you.

  4. Sandy
    5 years ago

    It is very nice!! Enjoy!!

  5. Paula
    5 years ago

    I too, am so ready for spring. Your weather sounds like ours.. you wouldn’t be in the Pacific Northwest, would you?
    I’m craving sunshine and stop everything I’m doing to go outside and enjoy it when it does happen!!

  6. Linda @nothingbutblueskyes
    5 years ago

    Lovely, as usual! Funny thing, how we all seem to be following a similar path in our decorating. I found my vintage, green scale when my mother-in-law cleaned out her house last year…Think I need to change from the apples I have on top to something more ‘springy’. You inspire me!

    Linda @nothingbutblueskyes Reply:

    in fact, you inspired my latest post! thanks.