Not Your G-Ma’s Wardrobe



Welcome to my wardrobe post!

The weekly gathering where I show you how I am trying my best to

be a stylish grandma while still dressing age-appropriately.

Well, not so much a gathering..

I mean. I gather here.. by myself. And then you guys gather one at a time..

So maybe it is more of a come and go type party.. where I chatter incessantly..

Oh yeah – that is just my life!

Whew – glad I got that off my chest.

You will notice the Instagram picture above is of nail polish.

(side-note, I am on Instagram now if you want to follow me and see pictures of

my exciting days, you can click on the link in my side bar –  because it doesn’t get more

exciting than a day in the life of a North Idaho Grandma – edge of your seat action…. 😉

Some of you may remember from this post that I gave up getting

my nails done this year. I am doing my own now, and since I have

always had a french manicure, I was not accustomed to the many colors and brands

of polish available out there. I also did not realize buying just one bottle was equal in cost

to dinner out in a restaurant!  For now I have been using OPI, just because it seems to

be on trend and you know I have to be on trend.. My favorite thing about this brand is

the names of the polish – I want that job.. I could come up with some great names!

They already have great names though – so I am probably out of luck.

One of my favorite names is the one on the bottom left of the picture –

‘Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?’

Of course, I also love

‘Wooden shoe like to know?’

And it doesn’t get much better than:

‘Kiss me on my tulips’

Ok – I’ll stop now! I do have a couple of outfits to show you..

The miraculous has happened and we have had warmer weather here this week 😉

So I rolled up my skinny jeans a notch and brought out my little canvas clogs.

I got them a few weeks ago at Kohls (before my hubby’s layoff  – aka- the holocaust..;-( 

these shoes are SUPREMELY comfy! They are Kroft & Barrow Sensability Clogs.

I am also wearing a new jacket from TJMaxx-

My daughter gave me a gift card from there for my birthday – and I decided I

wanted a light-weight summer jacket. I have a couple of conferences to go to

in June, and it seems as if I always freeze inside during the sessions, and then I’m hot

when I go outside in between. I am thinking this little guy might help!

Question – do you wear rolled up jeans? And if so how far do you roll?

I generally roll mine up quite a bit higher than this when it is really warm

outside, but this seemed just right for this week. I also love the look of non-skinny

rolled up jeans, but seem to have a hard time getting them to look right.

Ideas? Tips? Suggestions?

Today we actually got to 70 degree’s…

This outfit may look a little warm for that, but I work inside an air conditioned

building all day. I keep thinking that when the magical “hot flashes”

start I might be able to go without a sweater inside!

Still waiting for a hot flash, and I hear they aren’t much fun anyway…

I love these little black pants. They are also a Kohls item.

They were called ‘Ankle Pants’.

Is anyone else out there a total Correct Name Natzi like I am??

Whenever someone compliments me on my capri’s I feel compelled

to correct them with the proper name.. Why can’t I just say thanks??

What difference does it make what they are called?? I drive myself nuts…

Me and the English language go way back.. and I guess I have issues.

(I now predict that you will spend the rest of this post noticing my gramatical errors..)

Anyways…. – I am wearing that good ole jean jacket that I have had for years,

and I threw on a scarf for color. The shirt is sleeveless and kind of a mustard

color. I really like it but that color alone is not the best near my face. The scarf

adds the brown, orange, and green combo that I have been loving this year.

Which leads me to the OPI polish I picked out –

Please ignore the old lady claw clutching the bottle – no idea who that is…

I went with “Are we there yet”.

I loved the color but I must admit I am a little disappointed in the name.

I would have called it-

‘Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?’

I did find this color on Amazon for a bit cheaper – $5.35 plus $2 shipping

                                       OPI Nail Lacquer, Touring America Collection, Are We There Yet, 0.5 Fluid Ounce





pleated poppy

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  1. Brandi
    5 years ago

    Love the scarf with that top! Yes, they are ankle pants, capris are more mid calf (cause I am a word nazi, but try to curb it).
    You’re lucky to live in a place that has seasons- it’s too late here in Fl to wear jackets or scarves-just doesn’t go with shorts and flip flops :(

  2. Kim
    5 years ago

    I love your ankle pants and the look of rolled up skinny jeans. Where did you get your jeans?

  3. Betty
    5 years ago

    The other night on Jeopardy there was a young lady contestant who writes a blog solely about those strange nail polish names.

  4. Becki
    5 years ago

    Both of your outfits are great!

  5. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions
    5 years ago

    I love OPI and Essie nail polish, Sharyl. I have Back to the Fuschia on my toes right now. Sally Hansen is good, too. Make sure you get the quick dry top coat. Saves a lot of cursing when you hit your nail against something. Having my nails done was the first thing I gave up when we were cutting costs several years ago. All the colors can be overwhelming and most of the time I have to stop myself from buying more pink because I always seem to buy the same shade but from a different company!

    Glad you got some warmer weather your way. After weeks of 70’s and 80’s we’ve had 50’s recently. I wish it would just decide and stay there!

  6. Brenhna
    5 years ago

    Sharyl, You are sooo entertaining! I have the same OPI color on my toes right this minute. I also took off my french manicure acrylic nails and mine are in horrible shape now. I even have a small tear on the outside of my thumb nail—I know it’s going to go deeper and I’m thinking I HAAAVE to go get my nails back! I saw a girl at the doctors office yesterday with her glorious french manicure and several plain silver rings—I love that look. What’s a frugal gal to do?

    5 years ago

    You crack me up! Love the outfits! Your new spring jacket is super cute, and I guess I need to go to Kohls now to look for those clogs!
    I like the orange scarf too! And, though I just turned 45, I have experienced the wonderful hot flashes, thanks to my lovely chemo treatments 3 years ago, which seem to have ridiculously messed up my hormones, and yet still have left me with my monthly “gift”. Super fun.
    It feels like you are incinerating from the inside out. I have been known to try to close myself into the freezer side of my side by side fridge/freezer. I wish that torture on NO ONE!!!

  8. Nanci
    5 years ago

    My sister finally hooked me up with your site. I love it already. The outfits are great and I absolutely love scarves. They are so versatile. As for the hot flashes, I don’t get the hot. I only have the occasional “Ragedy Ann” blush on my cheeks. Not bad considering the alternative.

  9. Shane H
    5 years ago

    I recenlty purchased a pair of ankle pants as well. Love them! I also have a thing for OPI polish. That stuff stays on (without chipping) forever. I usually find mine on eBay for really cheap. :)

  10. GINA
    5 years ago

    You inspire me!!!!