Fall Mantel at The Little Brown House



I promised my Facebook peeps I would put in a post this weekend –

And what better thing to post about in the midst of Fall than my Fall Mantel!

Of course – I am about a month to late to the Mantel Parties..

But then I like to make an entrance… ūüėČ

I have to say this mantel is one of my favorites so far…but of course

the one I have just done is always my favorite till I do the next one!

Now, if you know me – you know there is always a story behind everything I do.

This post’s story centers on that mirror in the above picture…

The quatrefoil mirror.

Quatrefoil: a panellike ornament composed of four lobes,divided by cusps, radiating from a common center.

Yep – thats what I thought it meant. I have learned so many new words

through blogging.. real words even. Like Ampersand (&&& )- that one is my favorites.

(I try to insert it into conversation daily)

Anyway – I spied one of those mirrors a year or so ago on Centsational Girl’s blog.

¬†I fell in love with it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Well, I looked it up super quick to see if I could get one –

And this is what I found…

Hmmm.. while I usually have $500 dollars laying around in my house every day..

I decided I would wait for a better deal. Also I wanted a white one.

And if I was going to spend most of a mortgage payment on a mirror

it had dog-gone better come in the color I wanted!

So I waited. A long time…

Did you know that doesn’t get any easier with age? Just a heads up ūüėČ

About a month ago I saw one online that was almost exactly the same.

It was from Lowes and was only around $70!!


I tried to order one online from our Lowes and of course, they were out..

I called the store and asked if they were completely and positively sure

they were out, and if so when would they get more in?

They said they were discontinued...

I was not happy ;-(

I called again and asked the gal to just go check and see if they might

possibly have one hidden because I am an obsessed decorator and I would

call them every hour of the day until they did it just to get me to shut up..

And glory-be … ¬†they found one.

Just one, the floor model. And they said I could have it for… ¬† ¬†$24!!!!!

And then I did the dance of joy!!!

Followed quickly by the dance of spray paint!!

Ok, I didn’t really dance – for a good reason.

When I was growing up I was told that dancing leads to pregnancy..

And I just couldn’t handle another baby at my age…

And that is my Fall Mantel story!

The rest of it was pretty simple. I took an old picture frame and

spray painted it with the same glossy white I used on the mirror.

Then I took a piece of crafting paper and sprayed it with Chalkboard paint

and inserted it into the frame. And then I wrote Give Thanks…

Because I¬†am super creative like that…

I wish I had prettier  handwriting, but I guess it gets the point across!

I got the Owl at Michaels a few weeks ago – I used my 40% off coupon,

I think it was originally around $17.

I made the paper bag flowers – I could do a tutorial of how

I did them if anyone is interested – they are pretty simple ūüėČ

After I got such a good deal on the mirror I wanted to go simple and inexpensive

with everything else. And I happened to have paper bags on hand..

You may not believe this but I have been known

to go overboard with decor sometimes…..

Why yes, that really is a cow on my wall….

As always – I am so thankful to you for coming by.

And you know I love your comments – I read and try to reply to every one!

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  1. Carol-Anne (Use The Good Dishes!)
    5 years ago

    Oh my. I was eating soup while reading this post and I laughed so hard at your ‘dancing leading to pregnancy’ line that I snorted soup up my nose and almost died!

    But I didn’t die. So there’s that.

    Have I told you that I love you? And your posts?

    Sharyl@Thelittlebrownhouse Reply:

    Ha ha!! Sorry about that ūüėČ

  2. Nan Tee
    5 years ago

    Love your mantel and your cow :)
    Wish I had a mantel, but that darn hvac keeps us warm.

  3. Brandi
    5 years ago

    Oh I just love it-the flowers are really cute. Isn’t it great to get something you’ve been eyeballing and at a great discount! So happy for you:)

  4. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living
    5 years ago

    Cute mirror and mantle. Glad you were able to score that mirror at a much lower price than the $500+ one.

  5. Shannon Fox
    5 years ago

    Loved the mantel, the post, the story about the mirror. All of it :)

  6. Becki Foster
    5 years ago

    Your mantel and story about the mirror was worth the wait! I found a similar mirror at Hobby Lobby for half-price that made it $35.00! It is black (wanted white) but when I put it on the wall in the dining room I loved it black! Go figure!

  7. Brenda
    5 years ago

    I think that your mantel looks so pretty! Congrats on the great deal that you go – I love when that happens. So satisfying!!
    I love the new look of your blog too! It’s nice and bright and happy.


  8. My Little Home and Garden
    5 years ago

    You tell a good story! Your mantel looks really pretty and just goes to show one doesn’t need to spend a fortune in order to create something beautiful.

  9. Vicki
    5 years ago

    In my book you are the best Blog writer! I’m so glad you drop in every once in awhile. I love your sense of humor. The mantle looks great! Enjoy the fall.

  10. kathy w
    5 years ago

    I love the look of your mantel! And the mirror you got was a steal. I would love for you to do a tutorial on how the make the flowers, they are so cute. I miss all of your emails, hope you will be doing more soon.

  11. Audrey
    5 years ago

    I love the use of the old books! I also want more of a peek at at the shelves next to the mantle.

  12. Jane
    5 years ago

    I would love to see a tutorial of how to make the flowers on your mantel. As someone else mentioned, I would also like to see the book shelves next to your mantel.

    Thanks again for another great job. We love all you do!

  13. Sandy
    5 years ago

    Hmmm.. Lets see..$24 vs. $500, tough choice, but I think you made the right one, looks great!

  14. suzie
    5 years ago

    Oh Sharyl I knew there was a reason I love you! I too was told dancing would lead to pregnancy and when I read that I laughed so hard! Your mantle is beautiful, and I admire your perserverance in obtaining your mirror! You go girl, and go ahead and do a little cha cha, I think you’re safe,

  15. Carrie
    5 years ago

    Pretty!!! And I am so jealous about your mirror (but inspired to do some bargain shopping, too).

  16. Dee in BC
    5 years ago

    Glad to see you post again – YES PLEASE ! Do the paper bag flower tutorial!

  17. Carolyn
    5 years ago

    Just discovered your blog — this one had me laughing out loud!

    Yes, please, paper bag flower tutorial! For too-long-story reasons I need CHEAP decor right now.

    Also, as a new grandmother, I love “Not Your G-M’s Wardrobe!” I’ve been threatening to go full-on Grandma with a bun and glasses and orthopedic shoes, but maybe not yet………so I hope to see more of your fun inspiring ideas.

    LOVE the cow!

  18. Lynne
    5 years ago

    Yippee! I was so glad to see a new post! Your mantle is wonderful. I love that mirror, and had been looking at it at lowes for a long time. Now I’m a nervous Nellie because you said they were discontinued! I must make a made dash to my lowes and see if they still have some! Bye!

  19. Trisha
    5 years ago

    What a beautiful mantle! I do love the mirror painted white. The paper ag flowers are perfect too. Stopping by from Shabby Nest.

  20. Linda @ it all started with paint
    5 years ago

    Are you slowly easing back into blogging? Your mantel is lovely and the $24 price tag dances circles around that $500 mirror …



  21. Janeen
    5 years ago

    Love the mantel and your creativity. Your writing makes me feel like
    we’re sitting together visiting. I would love to see a tutorial o.n the flowers.

  22. Carol
    5 years ago

    Glad to see you are back as I love reading your blog. Please do a tutorial on the flowers. So cute and simple.