My oldest Granddaughter, Kelsi turned 13 this past week…

My daughter decided to have a birthday ‘Tea’ for her, and invited the women that

have surrounded and influenced Kelsi through her life.

There were Grandma’s, Great-Grandma’s, and Aunts.

It was a women only event – a ‘coming of age’ party for the girl

who is making the transition from child to teen.

There was china, real silver ware, and crystal goblets.

Kelsi’s aunt made the pretty tissue paper flowers,

and my daughter added the twinkle lights.

There was a wonderful dinner prepared. And of course – chocolate.

Fountains of it.

And assorted tasty things to dip into the chocolate..

One of Kelsi’s gifts was a hand made memory book. Something for her to

utilize these next few years of her life to store momento’s of her experiences.

It has pockets and nooks and crannies to put things in. Notes, ticket stubs,

cards, scripture, pictures. Whatever has meaning in her life. Each of us

had written something special for her to tuck into one of the pockets.

Her gift from her parents was a Pandora bracelet. Each of us

then gave her a charm for it that would make her think of us.

I gave her the owl.  There was a story behind it..

When Kelsi was just a baby, my daughter would prop her up on

my bed in the morning while she was getting ready for the day.

I would come out of my bathroom to find her laying in the middle

of my bed staring around the room at my wallpaper 😉 She had a

headful of dark hair and her eyes were huge –   she looked just like a little owl..


She is beginning to look so grown-up on the outside,

but in my eyes she is still that bright eyed little girl,

so intrigued with the world around her.

I am so proud of my daughter, and her desire to teach

Kelsi to honor the women in her life.

To take advantage of our age and life-experiences,

and  use them in her own life choices and decisions.

It makes me think about the legacy I am leaving behind.





I had a talk with my Mother today that really brought that home to me in

a new way. My Mother is 92 years old, and still in good health. She is currently

working on a book about her life.

(This is a picture of my Mom with Kelsi’s little sister Lydia)

She has quite a bit of it written, she rarely sleeps through the night

anymore so she adds to it in the wee hours of the morning when

she finds herself awake. Writing it is bringing back so many memories

for her, and she says they are just as clear as they were when

they actually happened.  I told her I wished I had a memory like that.

I seem to be unable to remember so many things. So many times,

the things I do remember are random and completely unimportant.

I have heard that as you get older your memories come back, that you can

recall things from your past even more clearly than what is happening

in your life today.My Mother told me that she has a theory about that.

She said that when you grow old, you are no longer consumed

with thinking about the future, because you realize that you don’t

really have one in front of you anymore. At least not a long-term one. She said

that instead, you find yourself recalling your past, reliving it again in your mind.

She said: “And that is when you reflect on the legacy you are leaving behind.”

On the choices you have made,  the people you have loved, and the things that have mattered.

What she said really impacted me….

And I know for a fact that should I have the gift of a long life, as I come to the end

of it I won’t be thinking about the achievements I made in my job,

or the things I have owned. I won’t be dwelling on the ways I decorated my house,

or the cute outfits I put together. I won’t even be focused on where

I was able to travel, or what I gained through my education.

I believe with all my heart that what will matter to me in the end is who

I loved, the people I was in relationship with and the lives that I touched.

I have a renewed determination to remember that ..

I don’t want to come to the end of my life and be left with memories that are

full of regret and void of relationship. I want to be intentionally investing in

my future by loving, living, and caring for the people in my life –

I hope to leave behind a legacy that is not so much about what I have done 

I want to leave a legacy that is summed up in who I have been…

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  1. Melissa @ A Time for Everything
    5 years ago

    Simply beautiful.

  2. Carol-Anne (Use The Good Dishes!)
    5 years ago

    Lovely thoughts. Beautifully written.

  3. Jan
    5 years ago

    Well Sis, you have caught up with me!! You are moving through this chapter of your life with all of the grace that I would expect you to. It is a time of very mixed emotions. The world seems to be moving faster, the people in our lives are growing older, and we are realizing how very little control we have. But there is also a sense of freedom – a special “knowing ” that comes with being God’s child and realizing that in the end, that is what will carry us no matter what the circumstances are. From this chapter, I am seeing a much bigger picture – the forces at work that seek to destroy lives & relationships. My love for family and especially grandchildren, leads me to ponder what I am leaving them – it’s not about things, it’s not about money, all of that will be gone in a heartbeat when our life here is over. But will my family treasure the unconditional love I tried to leave with them? I’m hoping I leave this earth having used up every drop of love I can squeeze out of my heart.

  4. Karrin
    5 years ago

    Wow! Just wow. You had me tearing up. From what little I know of you, I know that you are already leaving behind a wonderful legacy. Your family is truly blessed to have you in their lives and I hope they appreciate that every day.

  5. Taylor
    5 years ago

    Beautiful post! Happy Birthday to Kelsi. :)

  6. Landy
    5 years ago

    That was just beautiful!!! I really hope your mom is right. I would love to believe that when I’m near the end I get to have those memories back. That would be just lovely!!!

  7. Steph
    5 years ago

    What a blessed life you have, Sharyl! God bless and thank you for reminding us of what we should be doing and not just being. :)

  8. suzie
    5 years ago

    such a lovely reminder to us all, Sharyl. I too hope I get some memories back, but this makes me think about how I want to be remembered, as a person who loved with all my heart, who did not judge and who was the funnest Grandma ever! And give your mom a squeeze, you are so blessed to still have her here. Mine has been in heaven nearly six years now and I miss her every day.

  9. Audrey
    5 years ago

    Beautiful. Have hung this up at work

  10. Lori
    5 years ago

    Amen! Nice to hear from you Sharyl!

  11. Rupa
    4 years ago

    First of all, you can’t be the grandma of a 13yr old girl! Holy cow, you look too young for that, I mean that! Apart from that, every thing you have said, especially the last paragraph echos with me. No matter what we owned or donned, the people we love now will remember only who we are as humans (nice or nasty) and nothing else matters! My dad will be 97 this Jan and mom will be 89 in March. Blessed to still have them in my life. You too are so blessed with such a wise and loving family. All the best to you for a long and happy life.