Christmas At The Little Brown House..


Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday

We had a great time here at the LBH 😉

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve morning so that our oldest

granddaughter could be there – she was spending Christmas day with her Dad.

It was definitely a White Christmas here – the hubs had to go clear the driveway first thing.

(Fun fact – I was complaining to the Hubs about my weight

and he told me there was a snow shovel in the garage with my name on it…

I told him I sure hoped he would stay warm on the couch that night…..  😉

The grands were super excited when they got here.

As soon as they got in the house I told them to sit in front of the tree

so I could get a picture of them before we opened presents.


I had forgotten that Miss Lydia Grace,

at the age of two,

does not like to be told what to do…

How dare I….

When I put this picture on my Facebook page, my sister said it reminded

her of me at that age.. I was a bit strong-willed..some might say stubborn..

When I didn’t get what I wanted, I would hold my breath until I passed out..

For the record – I rarely do that anymore…


We finally bribed Lydia with apple juice, and she agreed to join in

the festivities. You can tell the agreement was a tad reluctant..

She eventually got drawn into the spirt of things, however.

I think she was just impressed by the great price Grandma

got on this Princess Tea Set at Ross.  😉

We had an unexpected visit from Ironman..

Which is always fun.

He even revealed his secret identity –

His name is Matthias

But don’t tell anyone..

I managed to make my 13yr old grandaughter

Kelsi happy with a t-shirt from a

store I can’t pronounce..

I feel so uncool…

Despite my uncool-ness, we all enjoyed the day.

We had good food, great conversation, laughter and board games.

We ended the day with a Christmas Eve service at our Church-

All in all it was a wonderful Holiday filled with

Family, Faith, Food and Fun..

And now I am ready to take down the Christmas decorations and get started on a new year!

2013 – here we come!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful too

And that the New Year holds much joy for you and your family 😉

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  1. Karrin
    4 years ago

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I’m glad it was a happy one!

  2. Carolyn
    4 years ago

    Great pictures of a fun day. My brother used to hold his breath til he passed out, too. Once fell backward onto the tile bathroom floor…….don’t remember if that was the last time!

    You’re not taking those beautiful decorations down already, are you? I usually wait until at least Jan 1, and sometimes even until Jan 6, Epiphany and also my birthday.

  3. Steph
    4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing pics of your gorgeous grands! So…did hubs really sleep on the couch? 😉