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Suitcase Shelf

Some of you may remember my up-cycled suitcase project from last year.

It was the project that caused my husband to once again doubt my sanity..

I am not going to kid you, I give him much cause to doubt 😉

He was initially confused when I fell in love with and purchased this beat

up old suitcase at a Flea Market. But he was a dear and carried it for me as he

tried to keep up with my frantic jumping from stall to stall and stopping to

squeal over many things that he considered trash…

But when we got home and I asked him to cut it in half, he was totally

perplexed.. but I really wanted to make it into a shelf, so he obliged..

There is just something about re-using something old and worn out

for a purpose it was not made for.


This word did not even exist a few years ago!

It has become a catch phrase mainly through the influence of us –

the online bloggers, DIY-ers and pinners that want to reuse, recycle, and repurpose.

I have really been drawn to some of the different up-cycle’s I have seen done with old suitcases.


I found this cute map covered suitcase at Anythingology

She used Mod Podge to put a map picture on it as a base, and then

cut out pictures of different types of whales to add to it.

Then she simply added some furniture legs from Home Depot.

I love how it turned out – it is a very unique piece that makes a great statement in the room!


Here is another upcycled project from Theartofdoingstuff.com

Her suitcase was originally very similar to mine. She pulled off all of the fabric

covering, and then stained the wood. She placed it on an old suitcase stand and

it makes a perfect night table. Plus there is room inside to store extra linens!


I was able to find more suitcase projects on Hometalk-

Hometalk is an online sharing and support

website for all things home. This site is full of projects and ideas that people have

posted, and has many different categories represented, including DIY’ing, Gardening, and Home Repair.

There are also professional’s  there that can answer any questions you might have

about your projects. They are able to give advice and tips on how-to’s, products, and materials.

If you have never been to Hometalk, you should go take a look at it!


Hometalk asked me to create an Upcycled Suitcase clipboard on my profile

using some of the projects that are clipped on their site.

I choose some of my favorites, and I would love for you to come and see them!

Simply click on the picture below and it will take you to my clipboard –

Maybe you will find something you want to try! And maybe  YOUR husband think you’re nuts!

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  1. Sandy
    4 years ago

    These are great!! I haven’t tried that but love the look