Chalk Painted Pumpkins ;-)


Even though Fall is well underway here in the Northwest,

I have not done much decorating for it yet this year.

I decided this weekend that I wanted to put some pumpkins on my mantle.

But I have this problem with mixing color..

I get uncomfortable when I have to many different colors going on in one room.

I know..I need to grow – stretch – expand my horizon.

But not this weekend.. 😉

I decided to try painting one of the real pumpkins I have blue to go with the blues

I have in my living room right now.

I had a sample jar of Annie Sloan’s

Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue, so I decided to give it a try!

For the record, I have never painted vegetables before.

It had never even occurred to me to do so…silly me.

I really love the way they turned out..

I don’t know why pumpkins don’t just come in this color. Seems like an oversight to me.

I am sure that they will begin to shrivel up and look unsightly before long. (As shall I ..)

However, in the meantime –  the project cost under a dollar and they make me happy..

Please understand, I am not saying I obtain lifelong joy from my blue pumpkins.

Because that would be silly…

But they do make me smile when I walk by them.

And that is worth a dollar right?

So I have a little bit of my “Fall” on now at the Little Brown House.

I have fake flowers on my door in real flower colors –

And real pumpkins on my mantle in fake pumpkin colors… ;

Sounds like a typical day around here – what about you?

How is your Fall shaping up? 😉

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  1. Sandy
    4 years ago

    Hi Sharyl! Good to see a post from you again! I like your blue pumpkins, but I did see a few Hubard squash at the grocery store last week in a similar color. They may have been a little greyer, but still in the cool range. I have a few fake pumpkins that I painted a blue/grey last year and I am enjoying them again this year too.

    Sharyl@Thelittlebrownhouse Reply:

    Really? I had no idea they existed!! I don’t believe I have ever seen blue/grey pumpkins or squash in this area! I will have to be on the lookout for them now – and your painted ones still look good this year? That is good to know!

  2. Lynne
    4 years ago

    Hello! So glad to see a post from you! I check in every once in awhile just to see if you have returned. I miss your sense of humor. I like your blue pumpkins. I’ve had my fall decor out since the first of September, since that is when I feel fall starts, which I always tie to kids being back to school. I am ready to get my Christmas stuff out. Some people say I forget about Thanksgiving- but I just consider Thanksgiving as part of the holiday season. Plus, it’s a happy time of year and I want to enjoy it as long as I possibly can!

  3. Deborah E
    4 years ago

    I should try painting pumpkins/gourds……… mix in with unpainted. I think you just inspired!!

    I was pleased to see your post…….

    I hope all is well with you and your family.

  4. Melesa garrison
    4 years ago

    I check on your post ever so often and I was very excited to see you stopped and dropped a post. You stopped, dropped and hopefully didn’t roll! Lol ~ Sorry, I got lost in the moment 😉 Anyway, I wish you were around everyday as you are such a delight to check in on and you are SO funny! I love your blue pumpkins.

    Take Care, MG

  5. rk
    3 years ago

    Pretty pumpkins! I tell myself each year that I will change decor but I don’t :( I stick to my classic decor with some fav pieces on the mantel etc. I should change….I should expand…I need more time:) Any how, I wanted to tell you that Ash gourds are large pumpkin like veggies available in some markets. They have the light gree/gray/white colors always. Great in cooking and juicing for cleansing/weight loss….yes, it actually works, just sayin’…..take care!

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    3 years ago

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  7. Rupa
    3 years ago

    Long time no posts! Hope you are doing great.

  8. lynne
    3 years ago

    It was great to see a post from you! I hardly ever get on my computer anymore, always on my iPad. I hadn’t added you to my blog roll. I am so glad you are still on my computer. I’ll have to keep checking in to see if you have decided to return to blogging more regularly. It sure would make me happy! I hope all is well with you and your family.