Jar Canisters

Tweet!I have recently begun using the Instagram app on my iPhone. I am under the name Lilbrownhouse if anyone wants to follow me! It is kind of fun – taking pictures with your phone and making them look cool with effects. I am still getting the hang of it though – mine aren’t all that […]

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Not Your G-Ma’s Wardrobe


Tweet!   This week the school system in our town is on Spring Break – and the amazing leaders at the church I work for decided to give the staff 2 days off this week too! So I have been having a fun day – well, except for the 1 1/2 grocery shopping excursion to […]

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Whimsical Chair with Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk Paint

Header Chalk Chair

Tweet! I have an old chair that I use when I am at my computer. It is a beautiful chair, but I have been thinking about painting it. The wood stain is lovely, but I have a house full of wood stained furniture. I was thinking I would paint it a blue-green to go with […]

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Framing Your Face

Picnik collage

Tweet! The gals over at BlogHer Life Well Lived asked me to write a post about Looking Your Best this week. The question they are asking is: “What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face?” In my opinion, the framing makes all of the difference, especially as I […]

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Not Your G-Ma’s Spring Dress..


Tweet! Welcome to Not Your G-Ma’s Wardrobe. The weekly post where I share some of my wardrobe wins, and fails.. Where every week I face the challenge of trying to look stylish and fashionable without looking like I am trying to pass myself off as a teenager – or even a 30 year old… This […]

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Historic Faith..

photo (4) copy

Tweet! Our church has been doing a series for the past few weeks called Historic Faith. The leadership began talking to those of us on staff about it in January. The theme is generosity. There was a call to look at our giving, and decide if we would be willing to step out in courage and […]

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Not Your G-Ma’s Wardrobe

Header 2

Tweet! Yes, I am wearing my Super Woman medallion.. It is because I can fly if I go sleeveless in a strong wind.. Don’t be jealous..someday your arms may get old and flabby too.. Speaking of flying.. this will be a quick post this week. This is the reason.. My nest is empty no more! My […]

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Cabinet Redo and Birdcage Pot Rack

Cabinet 3

Tweet!Some of you may remember that my husband and I have been refinishing our kitchen cabinets for the past couple of weeks as he has been laid off. (On a related note – we will soon be able to track the weeks of unemployment by the new growth of the dark roots in my hair… I may need […]

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Sonic Cherry Limeade


Tweet! I got home from Church today and made a pitcher of cherry limeade – Have you ever had one of those at Sonic? They are the best..I adore them.. Apparently other people do too – I did a post on how to make your own last July. It is still one of my most […]

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It all comes down to chocolate..

Fashionista Mug

Tweet!   I know it sounds kind of shallow.. Then again, I am blonde. Sometimes chocolate can make or break a day for me. It has been a busy week, and a busy day. Today I finally gave up my dream of having a garage sale and making $1,000. I filled up the back of […]

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Not Your G-Ma’s Wardrobe


Tweet! I seem to have misplaced February, has anyone seen it? There is no way it can possibly be March yet, Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago.. I have been up to my ears in refinishing cabinets for the past two weeks. Between the cabinet makeover and my husband being laid off work, […]

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Gone Junkin Again…

Flea Market 8

Tweet! Some of you may remember last month I went to the grand opening of a new store in our town called *Junk*. I came home from there with this gorgeous mirror for my entry way. Entryway Makeover Don’t you just love it!? Well, I went back to the adorable little Junk store again a […]

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Pam To The Rescue!


Tweet!  Am I the only one who gets tired of trying to get baked, dried, food off of their baking pans? Anyone else have some recipes you love to cook and eat, but wish you could just throw the pan away when you are finished? I hate having to soak, scrub, sandblast or drill to […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Transformation


Tweet! We have made quite a bit of progress on our Kitchen cabinet transformation. I decided to go ahead and show you what we have done now, before the entire thing is finished. We are doing it in stages and to be honest I just can’t wait! Some of you may remember my Kitchen Island […]

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