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13 Jun

Something Old, And Something New

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Sectional Header 2

Tweet!I have made a few changes around my house over the last few months. There is something about coming out of winter that makes me long for a change.. You know – Just to freshen things up.. But……  change usually means money. (seriously.. no pun intended..) It has not been a good year for money […]

23 Sep

Bathroom Makeover

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Bathroom header

Tweet! I am so excited to finally show off my bathroom makeover! If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen that I have been working on it for a few weeks now –  I only have 1 before picture.. and it isn’t very good- But you can tell it was brown.. I love […]

25 Mar

Whimsical Chair with Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk Paint

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Header Chalk Chair

Tweet! I have an old chair that I use when I am at my computer. It is a beautiful chair, but I have been thinking about painting it. The wood stain is lovely, but I have a house full of wood stained furniture. I was thinking I would paint it a blue-green to go with […]

11 Mar

Cabinet Redo and Birdcage Pot Rack

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Cabinet 3

Tweet!Some of you may remember that my husband and I have been refinishing our kitchen cabinets for the past couple of weeks as he has been laid off. (On a related note – we will soon be able to track the weeks of unemployment by the new growth of the dark roots in my hair… I may need […]

28 Feb

Kitchen Cabinet Transformation

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Tweet! We have made quite a bit of progress on our Kitchen cabinet transformation. I decided to go ahead and show you what we have done now, before the entire thing is finished. We are doing it in stages and to be honest I just can’t wait! Some of you may remember my Kitchen Island […]

19 Feb

A Brown Kitchen Wall?

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Tweet! Have you every wondered where the name “The Little Brown House” came from? Well, I named my blog that because for the past few years I have had an obsession with the color brown. I had the outside of the house painted brown with black shutters and white trim. I love that combination. And almost every room […]

06 Feb

Entryway And Table Redo

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Tweet!  I was very busy this weekend! You may remember last weekend I snagged this gorgeous mirror from a store named ‘Junk’ While trying to decide where to put this, I came upon the idea of changing up my entryway. Then I remembered this little table- I have been wanting to paint this for several […]

26 Dec

Top Diy Projects of 2011

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Picnik collage copy 2

Tweet!It is hard to believe, but we are nearing the end of 2011. I decided to take a look back at the year and choose some of my top Diy Projects. I picked these according to how many views and/or comments they received. And also how much I personally liked them! I find that I like some of my projects […]

27 Nov

I Was Shabby Before It Was Chic…

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Armoire Header

Tweet!  I am so thankful for the advent of Shabby Chic into the Home Decor Genre.. Because it allows me to make lemonade when DIY projects give me lemons. Case in point I bought this computer armoire at Walmart several years ago for $99. (The glowing light between the doors is my much loved Mac Mini.) The […]

30 Oct

Play Kitchen From Entertainment Center

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Play Kitchen from Entertainment Center

Tweet!A friend of mine in TRW (The real world!) and her husband made a play kitchen for their children last month. They showed the progress on Facebook, and their resulting piece was so adorable! When Jen asked if I might like to share her tutorial on my blog I jumped at the chance – Hope you […]

22 Aug

Making Space

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Tweet! A few weeks ago I went on a “We have too much stuff” rampage.. I got rid of two large pieces out of my family room, and have since slacked off . Baby steps – right? The pieces I got rid of were my treadmill and our futon. One of them hadn’t been used in a […]

31 Jul

Headboard To Coat Rack

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Tweet! Why is it that I am so drawn to headboards and cabinet doors? Maybe it is just that I love re-purposing things- There is something so rewarding about utilizing something that may otherwise be thrown out – I love the attitude of making do rather than buying new. Lest you misunderstand – I am […]

19 May

Drum Table Makeover

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Tweet! I am so excited to share with you my second project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! Go here to see my first one – Family Name Sign It started, as all good things do, with a visit to the Habitat For Humanity Restore. I went directly to the back of the store to look […]

27 Dec

Top Posts of 2010

Tweet! Welcome to The Little Brown House Year in Review It was so much fun going back through my first year with this blog and choosing my top 10 projects. I have learned a lot about blogging in the past year, and also completed a lot of fun projects! I hope you enjoy looking through […]

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